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Associação Nacional De Designers

The AND – National Association of Designers is a professional non-profit association which was founded in 2003 with the mission of defending and promoting design culture in Portugal and abroad, supporting all of its qualified professionals with proven higher qualification holders in discipline, with bachelor, master or PhD in their different fields of activities.

With new headquarters in Vila Nova de Gaia | Porto, and has nearly eight hundred current members and communication chapter provides daily information services through its website and social networks, means by which reaches more than 30,000 people.

The AND has in his team, professionals from several areas of Design, and with extensive professional experience either in academy or in the private sector.

The AND is the only Professional Design Association existing in Portugal, and covers all disciplines of design, Interior, Industrial, Graphic, Fashion, Communication, and others.

Of the many projects we have developed, we highlight the Study of Design in Portugal – research project that is being developed in partnership with the CIEO – Research Centre on Space and Organizations at the University of Algarve and essential to gauge the importance and relevance of design in our country.

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