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Hungarian Design Council

„The objective of the Hungarian Design Council is to contribute to improving the quality of life and the competitiveness of the national economy with the tools of design. With our concerted efforts we want to create a flourishing country in the centre of Europe where citizens live in an attractive and healthy environment, respect and cultivate their traditions, assert their cultural identity and are aware that design is an important part of their well-being.”
The Hungarian Design Council (HDC) is a Governmental advisory body responsible for drawing up a harmonised government strategy of the development of Hungarian design, and participates in its implementation, with consulting, as well as the agreement of interests and opinions. It monitors and evaluates the economic importance and development of Hungarian design and makes proposals for the government’s strategy to foster the Hungarian creative industries. It has the objective of improving the Hungarian design culture and raising competitiveness of the national economy through design-driven innovation.
HDC’s main annual projects are the Hungarian Design Award announced by the Minister for National Economy has the objective of acknowledging the outstanding achievements of Hungarian designers and promoting the application of design in Hungary. Designers, producers and distributors may apply in the categories of Product, Concept, Visual Communication and Student category.
Design Management Award was established by the Hungarian Design Council in 2009. The award aims to illustrate how the application and professional management of design can help an organization to fulfil its objectives and operate successfully. Economic organizations and institutions are eligible for the award.
Moholy-Nagy Design Grant aims to foster the development of Hungarian design, to integrate design into the national economy and to raise the competitiveness of the Hungarian economy by promoting the work and professional development of young Hungarian designers. The competition is open to qualified designers and handicraft artists under 35 with an independently developed professional programme.
Budapest Design Week events primarily aim to raise awareness concerning the values, economic and social roles of design, to build up trust of design, to help communication between the partners of this special field. The emblematic events of innovative thinking in Hungary draw the attention of decision-makers in the economy and domestic businesses to the opportunities offered by design.


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