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Macau Designers Association

Macau Designers Association (MDA) was founded on the 18th of May 1986. It’s a professional and nonprofit cultural art association comprising graphic, product, interior and web designers, commercial photographers, illustrators and other creative professionals. Throughout twenty years MDA has been sparing no effort to achieve the principle: “Unite top designers, protect industry profit and improve professionalism to further external exchange”. Early in 1994, the modern design concept was not recognized in Macau. However, without any support from official associations MDA successfully held the 1st Macau Design Biennial, which was the first large integrated design competition in the territory. Not only did this competition stimulate the development of design consciousness and hugely improve the local originality standard but it also discovered a lot of excellent design talent. At the time, the design originality of Macau was under great influence from the Chinese as well as the western culture and due to the popularity of computer technology, designers tended to mix traditional painting with computer digital technique creating brilliant work. Macau Design Biennial has been held successfully for 9 times playing an important role in the industry and the society. The improvement of the design standard as well as the ceaseless emergence of creative consciousness and thoughts, the excellent talent of Macau designers was shown. MDA expanded the scope of the Design Biennial, so applicants from China could also participate. Since then, the collection has involved mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong becoming an important design event for the four across straits enhancing the communication between design industries in Macau and abroad. In order to improve the reputation of Macau design, the association actively organized and sponsored local designers to participate in various well-known international competitions and events, Macau designers performed very well comparing to designers of other regions and countries.

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