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Macau Designers Association

Macau Designers Association (MDA) was founded on the 18th of May 1986. It’s a professional and nonprofit cultural art association comprising graphic, product, interior and web designers, commercial photographers, illustrators and other creative professionals. Throughout thirty- three years, MDA has been sparing no effort to achieve the principle: “Unite Macau designers, protect industry profit and improve professionalism to further external exchange”.

In 1994, when the modern concepts of design professions were not widely understood in Macao, MDA successfully held the 1st Macau Design Biennial – the first large integrated design competition in the city, without any support from official institutions. The competition did not only stimulate the development of local design awareness, but also significantly improved the standard of local designs and discovered a group of distinguished local talent. Moreover, from that time onwards, the event began to gain more attention and receive support from the government as well as supporters from other circles, which has exerted a positive influence on the local design sector as well as society as a whole and has brought notable improvement to local designs and inspired new creative ideas and mind-sets while showcasing the talent of local designers. In 2019, the Macau Design Biennial has been repositioned and officially renamed as the Macau Design Award, seeking to further expand the influence of its competition and exhibition as well as to raise the overall level of Macao’s design profession.

MDA will continue to thrive while collaborating with the government, industry and academia. It will ceaselessly explore and lay the path for the creative and cultural industries in Macao to foster the development of the design sector, raising public awareness of design, especially their respect for the value embedded and importance of the sector’s healthy development.

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