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The Swedish Industrial Design Foundation (SVID)

Since 1989, the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation, or known as SVID, has been working to develop and deepen an understanding of design in business, the public sector and society at large. We gather and disseminate knowledge about design as a force for development as well as networks to further spread the competitive advantages of design and its ability to change people’s lives.
SVID runs two national programs: the Design and Health Program and the Design and Destination Program. We work according to our “4i” model: identify, inspire, initiate and implement. We identify partners with the highest potential to gain by using a broad spectrum of design methods. By inspiring others to use design, we can achieve higher impact ratio where we initiate and implement projects together with players such as SALAR, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, Sweden's Innovation Agency, The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs and many more.
SVID also works closely with government bodies and partners to enhance the understanding of design as a policy tool and an agent for change.

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