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BD+A Design

BD+ADesign is a multidisciplinary design consultant with services that range from generating new brand architectures from scratch, to rejuvenation of exiting brands and the creation of brand extensions that boost brand equity. Our dedicated teams of experts master the craft of defining an international identity for corporate and consumer brands based on creativity, insight and entireness. Our representation in Asia’s The Design Alliance Asiaä, underlines our regional orientation, and assures you of cost-effective cross-border networking.
Founded by Irvan A. Noe’man in 1989, we have customized award-winning brand enhancing solutions that increase customer value and maximize yield on relations. Establishing and implementing brands that clearly express who they are, what they do, and what they stand for.
BD+ADesign provides you with a detailed planning covering all the phases in the execution of any project, from the analysis and initial concept through preliminary design proposals, to the quality control and final handover. Our extensive knowledge as a multidisciplinary design consultancy enables us to put forward innovative solutions in varied areas, namely; Identity Branding, Scene & Space, New Media, Brand Happening, City Brand & Identity, Packaging, Environmental Graphic, Sign System, Placemaking and Trend Research & Forecasting.
We totally embrace information technology, crafting to computerized design and through the digital web, which is increasingly often becoming the preferred means of internal and external communication. Above all, we bear in mind that a design must sell whether the subject is an idea, a good product or a service; or whether the medium is print, packaging, space or electronic information technology. We draw up a comprehensive brand hierarchy that can be implemented in identity, collateral, events, and digital media. BD+ADesign crafts solutions by translating perception into a reality that boosts your performance to brand-new presence.
BD+ADesign is also the first design trend consultant in Indonesia that has also initiated the establishment of Indonesia Trend Forecasting, a collaborative trend research & development team consists of renowned experts, practitioners, lectures, and academics in Indonesia creative industry scene.

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