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Beijing Industrial Design Center

Established in 1995, BIDC is the sole governmental organization for design promotion in mainland China. In addition to more than 120 cooperative enterprises and institutions currently in China, it has 45 partners in the global sphere, constituting an extensive network in domestic and international design.
BIDC regards upgrading industries with design and enhancing design industry as its duties, actively engages in promoting Beijing Design and China Design around the world, and introducing various resources into China especially Beijing so as to achieve the target of international design exchange.
In 2012, BIDC successfully organized the application of Beijing for City of Design of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network; host the 1st UNESCO Creative Cities Beijing Summit in 2013. It carries out design promotion plan, which supported 245 programs with 60 million government funding whithin 5 years; organizes the annual screening of China Red Star Design Award and China Red Star Original Design Award; hosts Beijing Design Week.
BIDC sets up Beijing DRC Industrial Design Innovation Base, China Design Market, Design Plus+Practice, Red Star Museum, Red Star D2C and Red Star Culture Communication Center.
BIDC is the member of International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID), celebrates World Industrial Design Day(WIDD) every year.
BIDC’s functions include undertaking the daily work of Beijing “City of Design” for UNESCO Creative Cities Network, the research of design industry, dissemination of design information, organization of design projects application, design consultation to enterprises, contract registration of design trade, nurturing of design talents, design awards and international exchange and cooperation.


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