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Z33 is a house for contemporary art.  Since 2002, Z33 has been organising projects and exhibitions,  encouraging visitors to see everyday objects in unprecedented ways. A unique laboratory and meeting joint for experimentation and innovation, Z33 is the place to be when it comes to unparalleded exhibitions of contemporary art and design. Named after its location, Zuivelmarkt 33, Z33 is the site of a historical beguinage in the city of Hasselt.

Z33 does not own any permanent collections but rather an ongoing programme of temporary exhibitions. Each year, Z33 presents three large and three smaller exhibition projects. These exhibitions always ties with strong social orientation, addressing topical themes from various artistic standpoints with a critical eye (e.g. Designing Critical Design, 2007; 1% Water, 2008; Thomas Lommée OpenStructures, 2009; Design by Performance, 2010; Alter Nature, 2010; Architecture of Fear, 2011, Space Odyssey 2.0, 2013). Each project combines an exhibition with an extensive programme of related events.

In addition to exhibitions, Z33 organises artistic projects in public spaces. These large-scale projects bring contemporary art out into the public in Belgian Limburg.

Z33 also serves as curator for exhibitions by external parties, such as Emmy+Gijs+Aldo in the Zuiderzeemuseum in Enkhuizen, Food Forward in Stroom Den Haag, the Cabinet of Curiosities from Belgium for Europe for the cabinet of the European Council president, Herman Van Rompuy and The Machine in C-Mine Genk. A tailored programme for families, teachers, teenagers and children aimed at individuals as well as groups is developed for each exhibition.

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