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Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC)

Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) under the supervision of the Office of the Prime Minister, was established in November 2005 as a design learning center, an intellectual stimulation agency and a creative business incubator. TCDC aims at promoting business, social development and quality of life by creativity, which is in part a propeller of Thailand’s creative economy.
TCDC also delivers activities and services to foster and develop potential entrepreneurs. TCDC creates a space for multi-disciplinary learning with different types of knowledge sharing from working, reading to multimedia utilization. TCDC houses resources of over 50,000 items along with insightful databases on global market trends and statistics. Valuable knowledge is shared through a number of year-round activities including exhibitions, seminars, workshops, lectures and inspirational forums for experience sharing.
Relocated to Bangkok’s old town, Charoenkrung Road, TCDC Bangkok is surrounded by historical buildings, cultural sites and promising creative businesses. The key objective of TCDC is to encourage country development by district and regional integration, to drive forward Charoenkrung as a learning space, as well as, to stimulate the development of neighbouring districts. For the development of Charoenkrung as a creative district by the co-creation process, policy suggestions and activity plans will be brought in accordance with the physical space of Charoenkrung and in turn meet the demands of the locals.

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