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Spark Design Awards

The Spark mission is to promote better living through better design. The criteria are the same for all Spark categories: does the design “Spark,” i.e., innovate, change the game and in some ways improve humanity or the environment we live in? The founders at Spark believe Design is an important and relevant tool to help build a better world. We feel that Design and designers act as catalysts, addressing problems and improving our lives and our

Spark is about Change—a designed change. And change for the better: studied, researched, cognizant of criteria like sustainability, suitability, efficiency, context, inventiveness, universality—and yes, beauty and joy.

Ultimately, one must ask why this is important. Business is important but it is a means to an end. 
We might call the real goal “betterment.” Better lives, better health, better water, better air. 
 Great design can help us get there. 

The Spark Design Awards, launched in 2007 and celebrating its 10th year, is a rapidly growing 
series of international design awardss. There are 12 design categories being judged, 
representing every discipline of design. The juries are held in San Francisco and Hong Kong.

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