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Seoul Design Center

Seoul Design Center, established in 2005, has been promoting design industry in order to activate urban economy as well as develop citizen’s life through design. And also the Seoul Design Center has been contributed to improve international competitive power and create higher value in design field by systematic supporting to setup facility and system of design promotion, which is synthetic and sustainable.
To achieve such objective, Seoul Design Center is continuously providing comprehensive supports to design related infrastructure facilities through its organic support system. Together with collaborative efforts of government and private organizations and companies, the center is providing wide range of design service and supports including design development support for Small and Medium Enterprises, design research and development, deign education, international cooperation in design, and World Design Capital projects such as World Design Survey as well as Seoul Design Assets.
Seoul Design Center is making efforts to unite diverse resources so that the benefits of design will not end with industrial and economic values but expand to include social and cultural values and by achieving the balanced development of city, elevate the brand of Seoul as the international design city


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