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International Forum Design GMBH (iF)

Since 1953 iF has been a capable and reputable provider of design services at the interface of design and economy. It is our aim to strengthen public awareness of design. To achieve this, we take great care in extending the communication network that we have built through our design-oriented activities over the years.
With our iF competitions - the iF DESIGN AWARD and the iF STUDENT DESIGN AWARD - we have become one of the largest and most respected design centers in the world.

The iF logo, which is given to the winners of our competitions, has become an internationally acknowledged symbol of outstanding design. It serves as a beacon for design-interested audiences in the global economies.
However, the iF  team not only organizes the iF competitions: under the label "organized by iF" they also manage third party projects and offers multi-faceted know-how in the areas of competition design and management and in all questions related to design and economic issues.


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