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The Index Project

We teach, award and invest in people using design to change the world -- what we call design to improve life.
The Index Project was established in 2002 (then named INDEX: Design to Improve Life®). In addition to the Index Award program, the organisation runs sustainable business development programs and a micro-vc fund, which invests into selected Index Award projects. 
The Index Project is led by CEO Liza Chong and funded by partners such as The Danish Industry Foundation and Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs.
“Index has emerged at the forefront of one of the most important developments in contemporary design: the reinvention of design practice from a predominantly commercially driven discipline into one that also pursues social, political and ecological objectives.”
- The New York Times
The Index Award
The Index Award biennale celebrates people, from far and wide, who use design to solve the problems that matter. Plastic pollution, gender inequality, food supply — you name it. 
Since 2005, we’ve recognised some of the world’s most impactful and iconic solutions. From tiny tools that diagnose disease to environmental moonshots saving our most vulnerable ecosystems. Notable former winners are Tesla, Duolingo and Zipline.

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