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Design Management Institute (DMI)

The Design Management Institute is a membership organization that connects design to business, to culture, to customers—and to the changing world. We bring together educators, researchers, designers, and leaders from every design discipline, every industry, and every corner of the planet to facilitate transformational organizational change and design driven innovation. 

The focus at DMI is education, design valuation and connection.

Education: Based on DMI’s latest research with practitioners, educators and students, we have built a competency map of necessary skills for creative leadership.  Our new education program DMI:futurEd has been designed around the competencies, enabling industry to determine their own curriculum based on individual needs and company priorities.
Design Value: Many of us understand the value that design brings to brands, corporations and experiences. DMI has undertaken a survey to quantify design's return on investment. The DMI: Design Value Scorecard and Index will outline hard quantitative outcomes such as increased sales, profits, market share growth, and market valuation that is driven by investment in design.
Connection:  DMI is the largest community of cross-industry, global design and innovation leaders. Members have connection to thought leaders in industry and academic institutions. In addition, members gain exclusive access to the world’s largest and foremost body of design & business knowledge, with hundreds of articles, updated conference video, and case studies.

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