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Danish Design Centre (DDC)

The Danish Design Centre (DDC) is an independent, government-funded organization established in 1978 by the Danish Industry Foundation and the Ministry of Business and Growth. DDC’s focus in relation to the design community and business sector is on collecting, communicating and testing knowledge about the main factors that influence design and how design can continue to be a driver for innovation and growth in the future.
Since 2012, the DDC has been working to develop and communicate new design solutions resulting from cross-disciplinary processes involving close cooperation with businesses, designers, researchers, scientists, artists and authorities both nationally and internationally. The aim is to strengthen society’s capacity through design and – in a contemporary way – to carry on, enhance and renew the Danish design tradition. At the same time, the DDC is collaborating on a number of international projects dealing with the future role of design in innovation and the developments in materials, technology and big data, sharing the results digitally across the globe.
The DDC takes on the role of a forum between industry, the government, scientists, artists and the entire creative community and sees design as a platform that connects new technology, new materials and big data. The DDC has always been active in keeping design on the Danish political agenda, earlier by creating knowledge and awareness of the value of design, today by measuring this omnipresent impact in concrete ways and bridging the innovation gap.


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