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China Industrial Design Association (CIDA)

China Industrial Design Association, a legal person association granted through State Department in 1979 and registered formally in National Domestic Affairs Department, is a unique nationally professional organization in Chinese industrial design realm.
According to the needs of economic development and social progress, CIDA aims to promote the development of the industrial design and art design in order to accelerate the design industrialization.  Furthermore, CIDA is making good use of industrial design to transform the new technology into the productivity, regulate the industry construction and product construction, improve the competitiveness of both enterprises and products, maintain the sustainable development of the economy and improve the living quality of people, and promote social advancement.
CIDA pays much attention on the field of the policy study of industrial design, organization management, industry regulation, education, learning exchange, international collaboration, information integration, agency services and so on. Also, CIDA services associators, governments, enterprises, and practitioners of design


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