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Asia Pacific Creativity Industries Association

Asia Pacific Creativity Industries Association, be called APCIA for short, was established in February 2015. APCIA is based in Hong Kong, we devote to promote cultural and creative industries in Hong Kong, China and Asia-Pacific areas.

APCIA have four main sectors, including Culture, Creative, Industry and Profession. APCIA is an association that is full of caring and love. Members of APCIA are form the above sectors and the core value of us is Sharing. Through collaboration with the HKSAR government, business organization, educational institution and creative art workers, we support and provide new strength and ponder in the cultural and creative industries.

We committed to strive for a consummate security system for intellectual property, expanse the freedom for creativity and stable brand images. Through caring forward traditional culture and resource, we assist organization to create more products and services that possess local cultural characteristics; cultivate future leaders with rich experience, global vision and supple mind; and support organization of the cultural and creative industries to explore in Asia-Pacific areas. All in all, to bring the industries to a higher level and a brighter future.


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