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Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity

The Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity (HSKC) is a senior secondary school devoted to arts, media and design education. With a comprehensive curriculum of subjects related to the arts and humanities, the school aims to nurture a new generation of professionals and researchers for the development of the creative industries and the local art scene in Hong Kong. Its mission is to foster students ’curiosity, imagination, creativity, self-discipline, vision and compassion for society.
The HSKC is managed by the Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture (HKICC), a non-profit, nongovernmental organisation that contributes to sustainable cultural pluralism and a creative civil society (through cultural exchanges between Hong Kong and the rest of the world), creative education, research programmes and art development projects. The Schools’ curriculum is based on three aspects: knowledge and theories; creative and expressive techniques; and, thinking and imagining skills. This is complemented by three ‘learning experiences’ (exploration and research; application of theories, creation and expression; and, appreciation and critique), in order to nurture students’ multiple intelligences and to foster their overall cognitive and technical learning. The curriculum allows students to develop their knowledge and creative skills, improve self-discipline, express themselves in three languages (Chinese, English and Putonghua) and be compassionate towards society and culture.
Recently, the School has included ‘real’ work and apprenticeships in the curriculum as a way to connect education and the work place. As a result, students are able to have valuable real life work experiences in the creative arts (e.g. as assistants and crew at design studios, film studios, performing art companies, etc.). Students are required to pay tuition fees, although a remission scheme operates for candidates from disadvantaged backgrounds. According to HKSC’s mission, upon completing their studies, students should access higher education institutes to further their learning in the humanities, art and culture, design, media arts and related subjects, or join the creative industries or other professional training courses in creative areas.
The School has recently obtained accreditation to award a Diploma of Creative Arts to students who complete their 3-year curriculum. The diploma is the first of its kind in Hong Kong and will facilitate students to prepare for entry into higher diploma and associate degree courses in higher education institutes.

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