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Algarve Design Meeting

Algarve Design Meeting

The Algarve Design Meeting is an international event, held annually in the city of Faro, organized by the Communication Design course and Animated Image (Department of Communication, Arts and Design, University of Algarve - ESEC), in partnership with AND - National Association of Designers of the Algarve Regional Directorate of Culture and the Municipality of Faro.
Aims to stimulate cooperation and enhance dialogue between the designers, the different corporate or institutional organizations, through the presentation of practical projects and research that in some way have contributed to streamline some product, service, region, etc.
During the two-day meeting, they are conducted several seminars, workshops, exhibitions, shows design products and videomapping show, in partnership with the University of Tomas Bata - the Czech Republic.

Students, researchers, teachers and professionals in the field of design, creative industries, companies, institutions, human resources, public relations, marketing, communication professionals and the general public.

Region : Europe


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