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The Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations (FHKDA) started in 2000 before the incorporation of the Hong Kong Design Centre. It acts as a platform for the discussion of design, education, cultural policy and infrastructure development. FHKDA provides room for expression of ideas and opinions from the industry to the government. In recent years, FHKDA has focused its effort in facilitating inter-city exchange programmes and communication, as well as fostering collaborations between designers/brands from around the region. Apart from running Shenzhen-Hong Kong collaborations and Taiwan-Hong Kong cultural cooperation forums annually, FHKDA has been actively participating in the annual Global Design Network (GDN), to promote exchange and to engage in the proactive discussion with other organizations and institutions in Hong Kong and other regions.
Founding members of FHKDA include Hong Kong Designers Association (HKDA), Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC), Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association (HKFDA), Hong Kong Interior Design Association (HKIDA), and Chartered Society of Designers, Hong Kong (CSDHK). Meanwhile, FHKDA participates in a number of projects in collaboration with HKDC deemed appropriate to its operation research and development. Up to present, FHKDA has a total of 15 Professional Members.
FHKDA aims to consolidate the industry efforts in Hong Kong by building stronger relationships with key local professional bodies and design institutions, and also to consolidate resources and efforts around the region. In the coming years, FHKDA will focus mainly on the partnership with Shenzhen, which will lead to the creation of a dynamic front around the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone. In the near future, FHKDA will also be looking at working more closely with Taiwan, and ultimately linking up Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Taiwan design industries; creating a design hub different from Shanghai and Beijing.

Secretary General: Mr. Freeman Lau

Vice Secretary Generals: Mr. Antony Chan
Executive Secretary: Ms. Grace Lau

Honorary Treasurer: Dr. Edmund Lee

Council Members: Dr. Alex Lee, Mr. Alvin Yip, Mr. Eric Yim, Ms. Janet Cheung, Mr. Joey Ho, Mr. Leslie Lu, Mr. Kevin Yeung

HK-SZ Design Industry Cooperative Task Force
Secretary General, FHKDA Mr. Freeman Lau
Executive Secretary, FHKDA Ms. Grace Lau
Chairman, HKDA Mr. David Lo
Executive Director, HKDC Dr. Edmund Lee
Chairman, HKFDA Mr. Kevin Yeung
Vice-Chairman, HKFDA Ms. Janet Cheung
Chairman, HKIDA Mr. Antony Chan
Vice-Chairman, HKIDA Mr. Joey Ho
Founding Chairman, ALA Dr. Toby Chan
Chairman, DCHK Mr. Eric Yim
Principal, HKDI Mr. Leslie Lu
Director, J.C. DISI Mr. Alvin Yip

• 2016 Sep – Nov
Co-organized the 2nd HK-SZ Design Biennale

• 2015 Dec
Organized Global Design Network Symposium 2015

• 2015 Sep
Organized HK-SZ Twin Cities: Cultural and Creative Industries Forum 

• 2015 Aug
Presented the HK-SZ Design Industry Survey Consolidated Report

• 2015 Mar
Organized Singapore Expedition

• 2014 Dec
Organized Global Design Network Symposium 2014

• 2014 Dec
Officially launched HK-SZ Online Resources Platform – Design Hub

• 2014 Nov
Presented the HK-SZ Design Industry Survey Initial Findings

• 2014 Nov
Co-organized the 5th HK-SZ Cultural and Creative Forum

• 2014 Sep – Nov
Co-organized the 1st HK-SZ Design Biennale

• 2013 Dec
Organized Global Design Network Symposium 2013

• 2013 Nov
Organized Expedition to Taiwan International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo 

• 2013 Jul
Co-organized the 4th HK-SZ Cultural and Creative Forum

• 2013 May
Launched HK-SZ Initiatives

• 2012 Sep
Organized the 2nd HK-TW Cultural Co-operation Forum

• 2012 Jul
Co-organized the 3rd HK-SZ Cultural and Creative Forum

• 2011 Oct
Organized the 1st HK-TW Design Industries Forum

• 2011 Jul
Organized the 2nd HK-SZ Cultural and Creative Forum

• 2011 May
Co-organized the 1st HK-TW Cultural Co-operation Forum

• 2010 Dec
Co-organized the 1st HK-SZ Cultural and Creative Forum

• 2010 Nov
Organized FHKDA Roundtable

• 2006 Jun
Submission of proposal and presentation at WKCD Museum Advisory Group Meeting

• 2006 May
Attended the West Kowloon Cultural District - “Design Complex” Forum

• 2005 Feb
Attended the Designer’s Vision for West Kowloon Forum

• 2004 Feb
The name of the Federation is changed to “The Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations Limited”

• 2002 Sep
Grand opening of Hong Kong Design Centre at 28, Kennedy Road, Hong Kong

• 2001 May
Incorporation of Hong Kong Design Centre Limited

• 2000 Dec
Incorporation of The Hong Kong Federation of Designers Limited

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